Inspire Young Couples to Adopt FP/HTSP as a Lifestyle Choice

Youth Voices for Agency and Access (YUVAA) aims to scale approaches to increase use of modern reversible contraceptives among young married couples and first-time parents in the age group of 15-24 years by promoting healthy timing and spacing of pregnancy in Bihar and Maharashtra. The project aims to reach 1.2 million individual YMCs and FTPs during the project period July 2018- June 2022 viacadre of 600Yuvaakaars or a field-based cadre of social entrepreneurs.

Social Entrepreneurs

Social Entrepreneurs

YUVAA Corps or couple entrepreneurs provide information, counselling, and encouragement to young couples and their families.

Digital Innovations

Digital Innovations

YUVAA will test innovative digital approaches for behavior change that are effective and can be delivered at scale.

YUVAA Learnings

YUVAA Geography

Project Outreach (Bihar & Maharashtra)

5 YUVAA Districts

5 YUVAA Districts

Exploring Pathways
to Behavior Change

Our Digital Approach

The YUVAA Family Planning App – Mobile Tech for FP education

YUVAA has launched a new tool, the mPari App, designed to support counseling and conversations about contraceptive choices by service providers, healthcare workers, and peer promoters. mPari stands for ‘Mobile Parivaar,” or family in Hindi. Explore More

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YUVAA Partners

On-ground cooperation and support in implementation of the project, policy and programmatic leadership, and platform to scale the YUVAA model and learnings.

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