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Social media is increasingly accessed by young men and women, who view being online as exciting and aspirational. YUVAA developed a chatbot MiMo on Facebook for this demographic, to provide a private and anonymous space for young couples to learn about family planning and engage with the associated issues. MiMo was developed as a couple persona, Mi for Mini and Mo for Mohan, representing the identity and values of a Safal Couple, and was launched after pretesting with the intended audience.

MiMo builds on the young couple’s aspirations – the chat journey takes users from financial planning to family planning, highlighting the benefits of a planned family for the mother, child and the family.

The chatbot uses storytelling and gamification in quizzes and role plays to describe family planning concepts and give information on contraceptives available. The chatbot was rolled out in all ten YUVAA districts and has achieved millions of impressions. Read More

MiMo : Dhan Guru

This Chatbot engages individuals on financial planning concepts such as savings goals to get them to think about the financial implications of having more children, then transitioning to concepts such as birth spacing. 

MiMo : Newly Weds Game

Chatbot utilizes a game format, to be played by both husband and wife, to build camaraderie and introduce concepts of Family Planning in a fun and engaging format. Planning in a fun and engaging format. The idea is to allow the couple to know and understand each other better and engage both partners in the decision-making process before they plan their family. The Bot engages married couples with games and quizzes, for example on how well they know their spouse’s tastes in food, in music etc. It then transitions to incorporate counseling points such as joint decision-making on family planning, improving communication skills amongst the couple to discuss sensitive topics, such as family planning and sexual & reproductive health as well as providing appropriate guidance for seeking/adopting contraception. 

MiMo : Mitra

Using digital technologies for health promotion has become a prominent practice for utilizing both routine and innovative information and communications technology in addressing health needs. This chatbot is intended to impart information and clarify queries and/or concerns of end-users related to Family Planning. In addition, the Bot also shares or guides the end users to various helpline numbers and/or healthcare providers and Yuvaakaars for further information related to family planning.

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