YUVAA Literature

Yuvaa Literature

Yuvaa Overview

Even today, girls aged 15-17 get married in India despite a law that states they should delay marriage until age 18.
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SBCC Strategy

The YUVAA theory of change is guided by Supply–Enabling Environment–Demand (SEED) Programming Model.
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Baseline Survey Report

YUVAA conducted a representative baseline survey in February 2020 in the 10 districts in Bihar  and Maharashtra.
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Young married couples (YMCs) and first-time parents (FTPs) in the age group of 15-24 years find it difficult to negotiate social and gender norms and build agency to seek and adopt a suitable reversible modern contraceptive method to ensure protection against unplanned pregnancies. Read More


Barriers to Effective Family Planning

Family planning (FP) has been an important policy concern for India in the post-independence era, with the earliest efforts to improve FP outcomes going back to the early 1950s. Read More

Gender Approaches in YUVAA

Gender dimensions must be systematically considered and addressed in family planning (FP) programs as improving women’s reproductive health is more complex than just making family planning services more accessible. Read More

Reproductive autonomy among
young currently married women
in Bihar and Maharashtra, India

Youth Voices for Agency and Access (YUVAA)
Programme aims to scale up approaches “to increase contraceptive use among young married couples and first-time parents” in Bihar and Maharashtra states. Read More


Exploring Pathways to
Behavior Change

Understanding behaviors that influence contraception uptake and adherence among couples in the YUVAA Program . Read More

YUVAA Segmentation Overview

The YUVAA project is focused on promoting genuine choice and supporting young married couples and first-time parents in the decisions they make before, during, and after their first birth.. Read More

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