Our Approach


YUVAA or Youth Voices for Agency and Access aims to scale approaches to increase use of modern reversible contraceptives among young married couples (YMCs) and first-time parents (FTPs), age 15-24 years by promoting healthy timing and spacing of pregnancy (HTSP) in Bihar and Maharashtra.
The target group has been largely underserved due to challenges of ensuring equitable access to
quality reproductive and sexual health services and social norms guiding fertility choices of young couples. This has resulted in low mCPR in the sub-group (15-24 years) indicating use of FP to primarily limit family size.
The YUVAA project is being implemented in both urban and rural setup in ten districts across Bihar (Gaya, Patna, Muzaffarpur, Vaishali and Nalanda) and Maharashtra (Satara, Sangli, Ahmednagar, Solapur and Kolhapur). The project aims to reach 1.2 million YMCs and FTPs during the project period July 2018-June 2022 via cadre of 600 Yuvaakaars or a field-based cadre of social entrepreneurs.

Digital First Approach

YUVAA infuses innovation in FP/HTSP program for youth by taking the digital first approach. It uses simulation tools like behavior modeling films, interactive games for homebased and group counseling sessions conducted by Yuvaakaars a cadre of social entrepreneurs managed by Dharma Life. The counseling sessions are supported by IVRS-based radio and SMS/WhatsApp/OBD for digital outreach with engaging and informative digital content.

The SBCC Strategy

Family planning programs in India are shifting gears to focus on young couples to promote healthy timing and spacing of pregnancies. The YUVAA SBC strategy modernizes FP/HTSP to make it relevant to this sub-population. The SBC framework is designed to inspire them to take control of their lives and design their own pathway to success. It presents FP/HTSP and adoption of modern contraceptives as a key stepping stone to achieve their success goals.

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